Turkey Tenderloin and Stuffing

It’s almost that time of year again when we get to spend an entire day relaxing with our friends or family and eating warm, delicious turkey. If you aren’t hosting the entire family and don’t need a 30 lb turkey, this turkey tenderloin recipe is a great way to prepare some delicious turkey and stuffing for a smaller setting. The tenderloins make it easy and delicious. This recipe is an easy spin on a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and the sour cream and bread crumb coating keeps the meat tender and hot italian chicken sausage gives the stuffing a nice spicy kick. Plus, there’s no unpleasant turkey inerds to deal with! So invite your friends over for a simple and tasty Friendsgiving and enjoy.

Turkey ingredients:


  • 2 turkey breast tenderloins
  • 1/2 C lite sour cream
  • 1 C bread crumbs
  • salt & pepper

    Stuffing ingredients:


  • 6 oz hot italian chicken sausage
  • 4 C dried, cubed bread or stuffing mix
  • 1 C melted butter
  • 12 oz low sodium chicken broth
  • 4 oz pearl onions
  • 1 T celery salt
  • 1/4 C chopped fresh parsley
  • I T dried sage
  • 1T dried oregano
  • 1T dried rosemary



  • Sauté sausage in a small frying pan until thoroughly cooked.
  • Drain any excess fat and set aside.
  • Combine remaining stuffing ingredients in a large bowl and mix until evenly coated. Stir in sausage.
  • Transfer to a 9×9 backing dish.
  • Mix bread crumbs with salt and pepper and place on a plate.
  • Dip the turkey tenderloins in sour cream and then the bread crumb mix until evenly coated.
  • Place on top of the stuffing mix.
  • Bake, covered at 350 for 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake an additional 12 minutes.

Part of this complete meal!

  • IMG_1802 (1).jpg

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