Fruit Infused Water and Ice

Water is great enough as it is on its own. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and nourishing to the body. But if you want to step up your water game a little, adding handfuls of fruit not only makes your water look better, but it gives it an extra flavor boost as well. It’s like a soda or fruit juice without all of the added sugar (you could replace regular water with sparkling water for an even more soda like taste). Plus, a little extra Vitamin C never hurt anyone, right? You can combine any fruit that you like, but I prefer to stick to berries and citrus for a fresh, crisp taste. Adding herbs makes the water wonderfully flavorful as well. Here are some of the combinations I made:

Berry Sage Water

This water had a very natural taste. The blackberries and raspberries were tart but tasty, and the sage had a very strong flavor. I recommend drinking the water within the day you make it unless you like a very strong sage taste because it continues to infuse as it sits.


Lemongrass Orange Lime Water

This citrus water is extremely refreshing. The lemongrass with lime slices gives it the classic lemon lime taste with an extra citrus boost from the orange slices. This combination is also a good for immune defense, digestion, and appetite control.


Lemon Mint Cherry Water

Cherry is one of my favorite flavors. Combining it with the fresh lemon taste and leaves of mint strengthens the flavors in the water and makes for a delicious glass of water.

Version 2

For the ice cubes, I kept the combinations pretty simple:


The flavors in order include

  1. Mint, orange, cucumber
  2. Blackberry and coconut
  3. Lemon, lime, coconut
  4. Watermelon and lime
  5. Raspberry, blackberry, lemon
  6. Mint, watermelon, cucumber
  7. Strawberry, blueberry, coconut
  8. Lemon, blueberry, orange


Just fill the tray with the diced fruit, pour water over the top (I poured fresh coconut milk over the squares with coconut in them instead of water), and freeze for three hours.



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