South Carolina-Sweeter than Sweet Tea

First of all, the south is beautiful.

Having never been to the south before I wasn’t sure what to expect from southern cuisine. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I’ve gotten pretty used to acai bowls and smoothies here in Huntington Beach, but those menu items weren’t too popular out there. My trip to South Carolina turned into a “which new food or restaurant should we try today” adventure.

I’m a sucker for breakfast and brunch, so I apologize for all of the breakfast pictures. They were just too good to not share. If you’re ever in the Charleston area, I recommend trying The Early Bird Cafe, The Three Little Birds, the Bear E. Patch Cafe, or any of the food stands at the Charleston River dogs Ball Park. Plus, you have to try grits. If you’ve never had them before (like I hadn’t), it will make you wonder why grits were never adopted by western cuisine.

*Caution: the pictures below may cause hunger and drooling

The Early Bird Cafe- veggie scramble and grits


The Three Little Birds-tofu scramble and fresh fruit



Charleston Riverdogs Concession stand:

Brie and blueberry grilled cheese


Fried Chicken and waffles


Bear E Patch Cafe-chicken fried steak



Besides the food, the people that I met in South Carolina were so nice. Everyone had that sweet southern charm that was refreshing. I’ve decided I couldn’t live there though or I would be 300 lbs. Granted they would be 300 very happy lbs. It was a laid back (and fairly humid) week, but it was a great experience and I can’t wait to return!



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